Incredible shot at the rugby of the players coming out of the tunnel, the camera then pulling back way into the skies to reveal the whole pitch.

Had an idea for a Bob Lefsetz parody that is probably too niche to be worth doing.

The irony of the blue passport being made in France

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If you think it is impossible to love and hate something at the same time, have a go with gpg

I like it when a reality show is drama free and you can almost feel the producers panicking

Stuck trying to explain that 0-100 is actually 101 numbers. What a day.

You have all sold me on Animal Crossing and the game isn't even out.

Can't wait to merge a wallaby with a badger.

Gmail suggesting I correct 'he is in hospital' to 'he is in the hospital'.

Disabled that feature...

First new laptop in years. Arch install has changed a lot. Got a millions tabs open. Glad I don't have to do this often...

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"Self Control"
digital photograph, 2019.

I stumbled on this outside a martial arts dojo. I've uploaded it to the Internet Archive and made it available for all manner of remixing fun:


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Dear Fediverse,

we have a request:
we are looking for the 2008 comic about the Chrome browser by Scott McCloud.

If you have a high-res copy or the paper version, please get in touch! (We are planning an update 😉 )

Boosts welcome!

I really want the folding smartphones to be good, but they clearly are not.

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