I don't like talking about Trump much, but this is good.

When he stays at Mar-a-Lago etc, the secret service come with him and pay to stay there as if they are normal hotel guests.

This is the kind of horseshit scam he has to stoop to in order to say he makes loads of money...


how many more false stories by the Wapo before you stop believing their bs?

3 years of russia that turned out to be false, 2 years of mueller that turned out to be false 1 year of impeachment that tuned out to be false.

but this time will be different this time they got him.

my advice is try charging trump rent for being in your head

Not sure I agree it's all false. Just because someone gets away with their bullshit doesn't mean it didn't happen.

This applies on both sides. I think Clinton was reckless with her email server, amongst other things, but just because she got away with it doesn't make it 'false'.


what has clinton have to do with the horrible track record of the Wapo?

Trump donates his pay. If the SecSer stayed w/a POTUS in, say, Seattle, they don't rent rooms? Hard to believe DJT is so hard up he needs rent money to keep his stuff afloat. But if you may, deciding he is purposely bilking the govt for profit as is the import of this WaCompost piece, one can derive the next big push for emolument violations is washing up on the public beach of Demkrat wastelands.

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