@GlitterDisaster I was going to ask how they make money on it, but I forget that Win 10 is now just an ad platform

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Silly money, but I just like them too much. I have the one with buttons and it's wonderful. Makes it a doddle to sideload epubs.


I spent hundreds of hours playing that game in Linux. Really feels like Psyonix sold out in the worst sense of the term

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There is a cover of 'Dancing on my Own' on the radio that is fucking dreadful.

@selea Saw this a while back but never got round to trying it.


It's a tricky business, because a lot of the most effective ones rely on some secret sauce, which is the opposite of free and ethical.

It depends on how targeted the attack is I guess.

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BBC Red Button text service is closing. The end of what was left of teletext.

No great loss but it's the closing of a little chapter in media history.

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A friend sent me this.

[sarcasm] Absolutely no relevance to that number whatsoever.

I think I just saw a Forex Signal Seller scam in a McDonald's in Derby...

@coldacid The reasons it is better than IRC are not enough to get me off IRC...

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