@wyliecoyoteuk Yeah it sounds like a lot of stuff but actually when you boil it down you can sort it out yourself very easily.

The best Raspberry Pi 'hifi' distribution.


I was on volumio for ages but they killed proper MPD integration. This lets you use the web front end, local hdmi, or an mpd client to play your music.

Pair it with a DAC sound card and you get a very nice package.

@alex Haha I literally had the same complaint and emailed them. They admit there is no way around it for the automatic deleter.

I just bit the bullet but it would be nice to be able to protect one tweet.

Maybe another email from someone with the same issue might jivvy them into action...

@alex I use tweetdelete itself. I think it can do a week.

I think I paid a one time fee for it so I don't have to keep logging in.

@alex I have it set to auto-delete. Can't quite put my finger on why, but I like it! If I want to say something to stick around I'll blog it

It's probably not cool to like Anchorman and Sideways on here but I had a fun day watching them

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The center of St. Nicholas church in Leipzig is

Love this. Simple website statistics with no personal data tracked or stored.


@skypage Yeah and of course the same goes for the other side. Plenty of people out there who don't want to accept results of experiments that can easily be reproduced.

'NULL' vanity plate backfires, lands the owner with $12k of tickets.


I wouldn't say this backfired. Now he can pick up loads of tickets and they won't know which ones are real.

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