@dankwraith The greatest Christmas album of all time. Must have been a great guy!

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dd is the command line equivalent of stabbing the table between your fingers with a knife

People watch stuff without looking at the screen then say they don't like movies.

TIGER KING on Netflix is bonkers, and slightly reckless. But it gives a window into a world I never knew existed.

Like most netflix doc series it would have worked fine as a 2 hour film, but it's still worth a look.

Endless zoom calls with people recommending true crime docs on netflix. What a time to be alive

Finally sorted ZFS snapshots. Much simpler than I'd thought, and a really handy thing to have.

@dick_turpin George Bush invaded some time in the early 2000s I think

@Gina Got some neighbours here blasting music out loud of the window "for everyone". It's not all bad but it annoys me that people think they are being cool foisting their taste on the world.

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One of my neighbors has been singing Sarah McLaclans In The Arms of An Angel loudly in her backyard for at least 30 minutes now and I'm pretty sure this is how the CIA tortures terrorists.

In 'Westworld' they appear to just keep expanding the world as it suits them

Man if I have to send it to Nintendo, I bet I lose my acnh island...

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Switch is stuck on boot logo, won't boot past that.

Well, it was a good quarantine while it lasted...

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