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Internet, COVID-related 

Facebook/Instagram will reduce video quality in Europe to take some load off the internet, too (Netflix and youtube already have)

How about everyone shutting down Advertisments and tracking, wouldn't that help, too? :D

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the vote at the beginning of animal crossing is RIGGED

@crunklord420 They did good damage when everyone else said it couldn't be done

Bought too many turnips at 104.

Selling at 72 today.

Got a house loan to pay off.

Fucking Tom Nook is gonna break my legs

Tricking AI into fucking up is funny and important, I think.

It serves as a good reminder that this shit only works when the data you feed it plays by the rules. That is not how life works.

@linuxpaulm It is also a better deal for consumers - no DRM, FLAC downloads options.

I hope they never change!

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in case you were wondering, 3d printing reddit is handling things about as well as can be expected

This might sound like heresy but in these strange times I would like to proffer this advice:

Small dice ratatouille is better than massive chunks.

There were loads everywhere. Not a bad way to go before being shut in my flat for 2 weeks.

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Saw some flamingoes in Provence a couple of days before the lockdown.

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Can't believe I'm finally living the dream of working from home, and all it took was a global-level sanitary catastrophe.

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