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I am participating in the climate strike by doing work. This will strike fear in the hearts of my bosses.

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Stallman (RMS) 

I respect Richard Stallman for his groundbreaking contributions to Free Software and free culture in general. That said, his inability to respond appropriately to criticism (as in, take on and deal with the substance of the criticism, not just respond with decorum) is harming the Free Software movement, and this is not the first time. It's appropriate that he step down.

Trying to buy a house in England. One of the slowest, frustrating processes I have ever been through.

The whole system needs re-building from the ground up. The solicitors have been fucking about since June.

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Each Air Bud movie is about a different sport because every league adds a new 'dogs can't play' rule immediately after the Air Bud season

Even when Apple are putting out interesting new hardware that is generating a lot of hype, Apple fanboys always have to go on the defensive.

What I'm saying is, John Gruber has gone so far up Apple's arsehole that he just assumes everyone hates them now

BTW gotify is a great project for getting push notifications to your phone/PC. Like a self-hosted FLOSS pushover.

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Leaky Server Exposes 419M Phone Numbers of Facebook Users

Well this is exactly what everyone said would happen when you force people into giving their numbers away for 'security purposes'.

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