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Wow. This interview with the ex-CTO of @purism makes me really concerned about whether the company will even survive long enough to produce all the phones on back order that people have ordered. Looks like they bit off a lot more than they could chew and it's been hell ever since.

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"Users who download and attempt to run LibreOffice on the new macOS Catalina are presented with two options – "Move to bin" or "Cancel"."

Boring job done for the day, refreshed all internal SSL certs.

Including the one on the BASTARD PIECE OF SHITE boardroom conference phone.

If you work at Snom I have one question - who hurt you?

"Colleagues had a car broken into and laptops stolen in downtown Mountain View last night while we were at dinner. We wondered how they knew to break into the hatchback when it is not see- through."

"They turn on bluetooth scanners and follow the beacon to find electronics."

What a time to be alive

Great news. We already wasted a spectacular amount of time and money on this but I am glad they cut their losses.

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Sorry, to be clear, it is because they had a donation link in their app.

WireGuard removed from Google Play Store

If I were a cynic I would suggest that this is because it is not going through Google's payment system.

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Help! I have been nerd-sniped by this park and can't leave until I figure out this puzzle.

Quite interesting that Google are doing live transcription of voice, offline.

Feels like it's been ages since someone made something cool that doesn't go through someone else's server somewhere.

Looks like she was using all random passwords through a password manager.

Attacker got access with a DOB and a ported SIM.

Anyone that says using a SIM for security is OK is BSing, at least in the UK. It's way to easy to request a PACode

Jack Monroe 'loses £5,000 in phone-number hijack'

1. SMS is not good 2 factor auth. Banks should not be using it. I have at least two banks that do.

2. This still requires a password to have been leaked...
2a. Possibly not if the attacker used social engineering with the sim jacked number

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