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i have trouble standing steady in a boat but the captain said don't worry i'll feel better once i get my seal eggs? do seals even lay eggs? ah the mysteries of the sea

Shout out to Moode Audio, a fantastic Raspberry Pi based stereo system.

I have tried loads of these, volumio, rune and the like, and this one is the one I've stuck with.

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Trying out a load balanced dual sim setup... Zoom still doesn't seem to like it much but otherwise it's much better.

Was getting 0.2-0.5Mbits up, now getting ~20.

From 8 down to ~30

Quite often I will be sent a page off some random site and asked if I can somehow download the video from it.

99% of the time, youtube-dl takes care of it and I look like some sort of pirate genius. The other 1% of the time you just have to go to dev tools and find the m3u8 link...

heh I also just noticed it has a microSD slot, after I just spent 15 minutes rummaging around for a USB to SD reader, and an SD to microSD adapter...

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Got a laptop now that has its drive connected via nvme.

Now I get the disturbing experience of doing

dd if=foo.img of=/dev/sda

When I want to write to a random USB drive/SD card

I live in an area with no FTTC never mind FTTP, and poor 4G reception (usable, until you want to use it for video calls).

Upload has been the bane of my existence since the lockdown (yeah ok I've had an easy time of it)

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Got an LTE router to help with woeful upload on ADSL. So far it's fine, but now I need to enable passhthrough to avoid double NAT. I am sure this is where the pain begins.

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So someone shared a link to this MIT lecture about #Git with me. It's 1.5 hours well spent. The lecturer explains Git in such a way to make it clear for most people hear to understand.

I learned a lot from it.

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